AllyEducate is helping schools, families, and communities learn how to prevent bullying and harassment.

We can help you teach young adults.

Bullying, Harassment, and our Youth

Building and maintaining healthy relationships in the lives of our youth is critical. AllyEducate provides tools for young adults to make a difference in aspects of their lives related to bullying and harassment while establishing positive academic and social climates.

Prevent bullying

Immersive Curriculum

AllyEducate is an online course initially designed to be completed by middle and high school students. Anyone can benefit from learning how to prevent bullying and harassing behavior. 

This course can also be used as an educational program for teachers, parents, and other community members.  The program is designed to be used as a tool that provides supplemental material to a social-emotional curriculum.

Prevent Bullying and Harassing Behavior

Schools, colleges, and employers must ensure their environments are free from bullying and harassing behavior.

This online course introduces students to key terms and vocabulary commonly associated with bullying and harassment, the different roles people play in bullying and harassing behaviors, long and short-term consequences of bullying and harassment, and ways to create inclusive cultures.

prevent bullying

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